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  EHUI Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is located in the Qingyang Industrial Headquarters Base, Chengdu, as a diversified enterprise group specializing in ferrochrome production, import/export trade, hydropower operation, real estate development and financial investment. With high reputation in ferroalloy industry, the Company is the Member of International Ferrochrome Development Association, Director of China Ferroalloy Industrial Association, Vice Chairman of Sichuan Ferroalloy Industrial Association, Member of Sichuan Import/Export Chamber of Commerce and Vice Chairman of Chengdu Dazhou Chamber of Commerce as well as long-term strategic partner of the key ferrochrome supplier of Baogang Steel, Taigang Steel and Jiugang Steel.


EHUI Group Co., Ltd sticks to the guide of Scientific Development Outlook and the corporate spirit of “pioneering, consolidation, practice, efficiency and pursuit for remarkable success”. It adopts concentrated decision making, level-specific management, professional operation, solid economic strength as well as rapid and steady development. Now, it has over 2000 employees and 9 ferrochrome subsidiaries as well as EHUI (Hong Kong), Dazhou Xiangyue Hydropower Development Co., Ltd and Sichuan Honghan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, it is also the Director and Shareholder of Hanhua Financial Holding Co., Ltd, the largest private guarantee company in China. It has enterprises and projects in Sichuan, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hong Kong and other regions and also an office in South Africa. Its main product, high-carbon ferrochrome, has the largest production, i.e. annual 400,000 tons, in China; annual sales of over RMB3billion and annual tax of nearly RMB200million. Both the Group and its subsidiaries are large tax payers in the local areas where they operate.


Advocating the core value of “People Center and Care to the Employees”, EHUI has established a charity institution, EHUI Love Foundation, founded aid mechanism (i.e. Employee Serious Disease Medical Subsidy) and formed talents cultivation system integrating development space, promotion channels and impetus mechanism as well as literary education, emotional care, difficulty aid and other employee care system; actively promoted effective combination between personal value and corporate value, put emphasis on corporate culture construction, founded internal publication, EHUI People, introduced operation philosophy of Inamori Kazuo and created professional, diligent and loyal management team and employees team with firm credit, justness, respect, kindness and beauty.


With vibrant life in a period of rising development, EHUI Group will persistently shoulder corporate mission, inherit love culture, create employees’ happiness, fulfill social responsibility and work hard for evergreen business of healthy development!


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