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In September 2013, Fengzhen Tenghua Chemical Co., Ltd started production

In May 2013, Fengzhen Lufeng Co., Ltd successfully started production

2013, the headquarters of EHUI Group held 4.20 Lushan Earthquake Disaster Area Donation and raised charity amount of RMB119,262 by 12:00, May 2.



On May 28, EHUI Group entered into cooperation agreement with Sichuan Jiangkou Hydropower (Group) Plant, added a 17MW turbine generator unit at the left Bank of Sichuan Jiangkou Power Station with an investment of RMB150 million and formed a new company, for which EHUI holds a share of 79% and Sichuan Jiangkou Dydropower (Group) Plant 21%.

On May 31, Mr. Tang Tingjiao, the County Mayor of Xuanhan County People’s Government, entered into Agreement on Settlement of EHUI Group Ferroalloy Project into Dazhou Puguang Economic Development Zone Liuchi Industrial Park, which planned to acquire 150 mu of land in Liuchi Industrial Park and construct 2 25000KVA Submerged Arc Furnaces with 80,000 tons of annual high-carbon ferrochrome production and over RMB700million of annual output. On June 7, the Project was formally started.

On June 16, at the 10th Congress of Xuanhan County Federation of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Yi Yi, the Chairman and President of EHUI Group, was selected as Vice Chairman of the County Federation of Commerce and Industry.

On July 16, EHUI Group held Inamori Kazuo Operation Philosophy Induction Start Ceremony.

On September 18, EHUI Group Dazhou Puguang Economic Development Zone Liuchi Industrial Park Ferroalloy Project applied to form Dazhou Hongsheng Electro-Chemical Co., Ltd and register on approval of the Administration for Industry and Commerce.

On December 5, EHUI Group successfully participated in Neijiang Haide Technology Co., Ltd. and Neijiang Strait Property Co., Ltd, responsible for operation and management as commissioned by other shareholders. Since then, EHUI Group has entered electronic industry and property development as a significant breakthrough and took a solid step for cross-industry and diversified development.



On January 27, Headquarters of the Group was relocated to Qingyang Industrial Headquarters Base, Chengdu.

On March 14, the Group changed its name from EHUI Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. to EHUI Group Co., Ltd.

On April 27, EHUI Love Foundation was founded.

On December 16, Chengdu Dazhou Chamber of Commerce was founded in Chengdu. EHUI Group was selected as Vice Chairman, and Mr. Yi Yi, the Chairman and President, were selected as Vice Chairman.



In March, it was selected as Vice Chairman of Sichuan Ferroalloy Industrial Association.



On January 23, Minhe County EHUI Metallurgical Co., Ltd was founded.

On February 15, Agricultural Bank of China Sichuan Branch granted 2008 AAA Credit to EHUI Metallurgical Group.

February 27, Baogang Steel Co., Ltd entered into strategic partnership agreement with EHUI Metallurgical Co., Ltd at Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu.

On March 4, it won CQC and passed the review for ISO9001:2008 (GB/T19001-2008) Quality Guarantee System Certification.

On April 20, Mr. EHUI, Chairman of the Company, was selected as one of the Second Dazhou Top Ten Economic Persons.

On May 14, Qinghai EHUI Metallurgical Co., Ltd was founded.

In November Baogang Steel Co., Ltd granted the title, Excellent Supplier, to EHUI Metallurgical Co., Ltd.



On November 7, Shehong County Hongsheng Metallurgical Co., Ltd was founded.



In March, Pengan County Hengcheng Metallurgical Co., Ltd

On April 19, Fengzhen Jinfa Ferroalloy Co., Ltd was founded

On April 29, Mr. Yi Yi, Chairman of the Company, was selected as one of the Third Dazhou Top Ten Excellent Young Persons.

On June 4, Dazhou Xiangyue Hydropower Development Co., Ltd was founded.

On July 9, EHUI Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd was founded (as the successor of Sichuan EHUI Alloy Co., Ltd.)



In March, Guangan Hongyuan Electro-Chemical Co., Ltd was founded.

On September 12, Fengzhen Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd was founded.

On November 14, Dazhu County Shengtai Silicomanganese Co., Ltd was founded



On December 5, the earliest subsidiary of EHUI Group, Dazhou Jinyuan Electro-Chemical Co., Ltd, was founded.