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November national hydroelectric generating capacity grew 7.2 percent increase in the first 4 even after the fall of

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  November , the national scale hydroelectric power plants generating capacity to complete the 58.9 billion kwh , an increase of 7.2% , following four consecutive months of negative growth to positive growth for the first time .

  November , the national average rainfall 22.5 mm , compared with same period the year ( 18.8 mm ) above normal 19.7% , but the national key water runoff generally below normal. Of operating regions, the focus of the national grid earlier than normal overall water runoff into multiple Pianku 2 , in which the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the upper reaches of the Yellow River, Jinsha River, Minjiang River , Xiangjiang River, Gan River , Minjiang River dried up 1-3 percent, the Qiantang River , Qingjiang River, Wujiang River , Hanjiang River dried up 5-7 percent, Yalong, Dadu flat, the second Songhua River, the Nen River , Yalu River into overabundant 3-6 ; Southern Power Grid red River basin runoff 59 percent less than normal , the Wujiang River Basin to 53% less than normal water , 24% less than normal runoff Lancang River Basin .

  Hydroelectric generating capacity rose year on year by the fall was mainly due to the China Southern Power Grid Nuozadu region , Xiluodu power station put into operation two generating units , two hydroelectric power plants on the November national generating capacity growth reached 75.5 percent contribution , affected China Southern Power Grid Company in November ganged hydroelectric generating capacity grew by 23.5% , while the State Grid Corporation dispatch caliber hydroelectric power generation continued negative growth , down 2.2%.

  In late November , the national focus on hydropower total of 171.23 billion cubic meters of water is adjustable , with a total value of 55.21 billion kwh energy storage .

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