EHui Group employees successfully held in Chengdu Southlake

Date:Nov 14,2013

  Happy healthy life work

- EHui Group employees successfully held in Chengdu Southlake


Night comes out clean mountain water, cream, crimson out a few trees yellow. October 26, Yi Hui Group organized "happy, healthy life," Staff Activities Lake resort in Chengdu, nearly 70 Yi Hui family to participate.

Morning held a "two three-foot", "football Bowling" "ping pong relay race" and five fun games.

  Ping Pong relay underway

  Together game

  Together game

  (Neck fat prize winning group activities)

  Tug of war scene

14:20, wearing a red and white basketball uniforms basketball Yi Hui family staged a fierce scraping and exciting game of basketball goals. Although we physically uneven, but the race team in the competition field are full of energy and positive, the interpretation of the Yi Hui people "indomitable courage to challenge" spirit. Participate in the activities of this family are widely considered basketball highlighted the "sharing", "happiness" two characteristics are shared athletic happiness, happiness is the race to build a platform for the exchange of feelings among the staff, enhance the friendship.

  (The opening basketball game)

  Basketball game athletes photo

  Yi Hui family portrait

Every aspect of the event have given the winner a "healthy my strongest" prize winners happy, happy participants. Fighting spirit with athletic activities to highlight the positive energy in life, all Yi Yi Hui Hui family moments to follow the pace of progress, "happy, healthy life."

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