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E HUI Group Co.Ltd

E HUI Group Co.Ltd., founded in 1998, is located in the Qing yang Industrial Headquarters Base, Chengdu, as a diversified enterprise group specializing in ferro chrome production, import/export trade, hydropower operation, realestate development and financial investment. With high reputation in ferroalloy industry, the Company is the Member of International Ferro chrome Development Association, Director of China Ferroalloy Industrial Association, Vice Chairman of Sichuan Ferroalloy Industrial Association, Member of Sichuan Import/Export Chamber of Commerce and Vice Chairman of Chengdu Dazhou Chamber of Commerce as well as long-term strategic partner of the key ferro chrome supplier of Bao gang Steel, Tai gang Steel and Jiu gang Steel.

E HUI Group Co.Ltd, sticks to the guide of Scientific Development Outlook and the corporate spirit of “pioneering, consolidation, practice,efficiency and pursuit for remarkable success”. It adopts concentrated decisionmaking, level-specific management, professional operation, solid economic strength as well as rapid and steady development. Now,it has over 2000employeesand9ferro chrome subsidiaries as well as E HUI(HongKong) , Dazhou Xiang yue Hydropower Development Co., Ltd and Sichuan Hong han RealEstate Development Co., Ltd.Meanwhile, it is also the Director and Shareholder of Han hua Financial Holding Co.,Ltd, the largest private guarantee company in China.It has enterprises and projects in Sichuan, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hong Kong and other regions and also an office in SouthAfrica. Its main product, high-carbon ferro chrome, has the largest production, i.e.annual 400, 000tons, in China; annual sales of over RMB3bilion and annual tax of nearly RMB 200 million. Both the Group and itssubsidiaries are large taxpayers in the local areas where they operate.


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Alloy Smelting

EH Group has built 4 production bases in Sichuan, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia, with an annual output of 450,000 tons, and enjoys a high reputation in China ferroalloy industry. It is a member of International Ferro Chrome Development Association, vice president of China Ferro Alloy Industry Association and chairman of Sichuan Ferro Alloy Industry Association.


EH Group's main business direction of infrastructure investment and construction covers highway, municipal, water conservancy and other general contracting construction, PPP project investment and implementation, land preparation and rural revitalization project investment and implementation, etc.. EH Group has built (invested) many high-quality projects such as Dazhou - Xuanhan Expressway Project, Dazhou Quxian Life Passage Project, Dazhou Xuanhan County Bashan Grand Canyon Expressway PPP Project, Yibin-Xuyong Expressway Bamboo Sea Link PPP Project, Yibin-Luzhou Expressway Project via Nanxi, etc.

International Trade

EH Group is committed to become a leader in metallurgical raw materials and products industry, with nearly 25 years of international trade experience and professional international trade team. The import business is mainly metal minerals (chrome ore, manganese ore) and products (ferrochrome, ferronickel), supplemented by futures hedging business of alloys and metal materials (silicomanganese, industrial silicon, stainless steel). The Group always follows the international trade practice and insists on the business philosophy of respecting contracts, keeping promises and promoting win-win situation, establishing extensive international trade cooperation with customers from nearly twenty countries and regions in the world. With good international reputation, the Group has become the director unit of International Chromium Development Association and has been awarded as "Top Ten Enterprises of China Chrome Ore Import" for several times.

Energy and Environmental Protection

EH Group actively implements the new development concept, responds to the national strategic plan, and actively explores the investment layout of emerging industries, the main directions include new energy, new materials and advanced manufacturing. At present, it has established smooth communication mechanism with relevant emerging industry authorities and research institutions, and focuses on docking relevant emerging industry investment cooperation. We have invested in the construction of Shifotan Hydropower Station with a total installed capacity of 30 MW and an annual power generation capacity of 120 million kWh; we have invested in the recycling of renewable resources and environmental protection projects with an annual disposal capacity of 50,000 tons of waste mineral oil.

Social Responsibility


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