One Flag and One Spirit

Dear friends, time flies like a narrow. In the long human history, a decade is only a short wink. However, for our E hui people, the period has epoch-making significance to the great business we are working on.

Ten years of history has been full of changes.2001-2011wasten years for E HUI to deepen reform and pioneering for innovation and development from confident breakthrough to prosperity and from weakness to maturity. With the persistent and fighting spirit, E HUI people have developed from a small enterprise to a diversified and cross-industry enterprise group specializing ferroalloy of chrome, silicon, manganese and nickel, operating raw and auxiliary material, import/export trade and hydropower development with 11 subsidiaries and high industrial reputation in China. In January 2011, E HUI Group settled in Qing yang Industrial Headquarters Base, Chengdu, and drove its development on to an expressway with started expansion.

Ten years of development has been full of glory. For ten years, E HUI Group and the whole ferroalloy industry grew together. While receiving the tempering of market, it has achieved not only breakthrough in performance and market share but brand founding and quality management harvest. So far, E HUI has become the benchmark of the industry with powerful strength and excellent service! It has successfully erected the flag of “E HUI" before the industry and kept it flying.

As survival of the fittest, everything is possible with efforts. Facing the future, E HUI has heavier tasks and long way to go. We are clearly aware that “long journey is covered by every step, and rainbow does not appear without weathering! To achieve the grand target and beautiful dream of E HUI, we will keep grateful, promote the objective of honesty, responsibility, morality, talent and culture for enterprise prosperity, inherit the past for progress, innovation and pioneering and create industrial pearland first-class modern enterprise group!